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In case of electrolyte leakage, it is possible to detect the volatile gas in the electrolyte to give an early warning of battery failure; In the early stage of battery thermal runaway, the state of battery thermal runaway is monitored by detecting carbon monoxide and hydrogen generated in the battery.

At present, the number of new energy vehicles in China exceeds 10 million, and more than 3000 new energy vehicle fire accidents occur nationwide every year; The number of electric bicycles owned exceeds 300 million, with an average of over 1000 accidents per month.

From the accident data, vehicle power batteries still have significant safety hazards, which can easily cause significant property damage and casualties. In addition, once an accident occurs in a battery storage power station, it will cause huge losses. In these areas, there is an urgent need for monitoring and early warning of battery thermal runaway.

Compared to other monitoring schemes, gas sensor monitoring has the advantages of fast response, clear signals, and significant early warning time. In addition to the above advantages, the monitoring module of Rainbow Technology Co., Ltd. also has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, and additional environmental temperature output.



Typical application case: Lithium ion battery safety detection


Core function - Monitoring the concentration and temperature of CO and H2 gases in lithium ion batteries, providing early warning signals.


Application method - Monitoring the gas production data of the lithium ion battery and provide it to the BMS to determine the thermal runaway state of the battery.


Product advantages - high sensitivity to CO and H2 gases, additional temperature data, high reliability, high consistency, long life, and low power consumption.







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