MEMS Flow sensor in hydrogen fuel cell

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The S400 Air flow sensor series (0-500SLPM flow range) is fabricated using a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) flow sensor chip. It is suitable for the measurement of clean and relatively dry gases for various purposes. It realizes the digitization, intelligence and high safety of the equipment, and has the innovation of traditional industries.

High sensitivity, high reliability, high stability and low cost characteristics can promote the industry to develop energy-saving and intelligent.




oxygen machine

Gas mask and respirator


Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device

Anesthesia delivery

Fuel cell control


Mass flow controller

Environmental climate control

Leak detection

hydrogen fuel cell system



Wide flow range 0-500SLPM 

High precision (1.5% F.S accuracy) 

Linear output and temperature compensation 

Maintain long-term stability with minimal zero drift 

Solid-state sensing core (no surface void or fragile membrane), anti-blocking and pressure shock 

Analog output (1 to 5 V) (I2C output is also available) 

Fast response time (20ms response time)


1. Customizable range between 10SLM and 500SLM

2. SLM: Standard liters per minute. Standard conditions: 0 ° C and 1 atmosphere

3. In addition, the two-way airflow test can be customized, and the analog output is  correspondingly changed. F(min)—F(max) corresponds to 1-5V output, and 0 flow  corresponds to 3V;

4. Includes temperature drift and linearity error


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