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S171M MAP Manifold absolute pressure sensor

Product number: S171M series
    Product Description

        Air-intake manifold pressure sensor (MAP) is the major parts of model D fule injection system of gasoline engine, It can be used as air flow meter to measure the air-intake volume into engine, and provides the measuring data to ECU which as the base to control fule injection volume and ignition.
        The core induction chip is MEMS pressure sensor which designed and developed by ourselves’ company, this kind of sensor has been widely applied in the industry, automobile, medical and electric consumer with high stability and accurate  signal input when combined with special and high integration ASIC sensor (signal adjustment and Temperature compensation) .

      Product Features
    • Advanced MEMS induction chip core technology, arbitrary design based on needs
    • High accurancy, quick response, and high stability
    • Self-compensation inside, self-application of wide temperature range
    • Standard pressure range: 0~100kPa, 0~250kPa, 0~400kPa, 0~700kPa, 0~1500kPa
    • Customized according to customer requirement



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