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Smart Spore Capture Analyzer RK01

  • 1.Product Introduction

    It is specially developed for collecting the spores and pollen dust particles of disease pathogens that are- transmitted and transmitted by the air.The instrument can be fixed in the measuring and reporting area to observe the type and quantity of spores in a specific area at a fixed point. 

    2.Products Features

    •800 xmicrophotograp •Automatic collection of spores HD camera •Timed capture and photo function •Seven-inch touch screen display Touch the display screen to collect spores,capture photos, and upload data from the horizontal board above to the ad- justable area of the microscope,it does not hinder the sec- ondary refocusing of the microscope. •Spore trap size : 410x670x1780mm 

    3.Application Range

    It is mainly used to detect the stock of disease spores and their spreading dynamics, and provide reliable data for predicting and preventing disease epidemics and infections. Collect all kinds of pollen to meet the research needs of application units.