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MEMS H2 sensor module for hydrogen


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    For each sensor module,

    1. Built-in Temperature compensation and external Humidity compensation available.
    2. Another version of sensor module with 5V voltage.



    MEMS Hydrogen H2 sensor module


    The H2 gas sensor module based on MEMS gas sensor is used to test the content of H2 gas in the ambient air. The test data is communicated through I2C and UART interfaces.

    The MEMS gas sensor is protected by a filter cover, and the H2 gas sensor module can be assembled with patch or flat wire as required.




    Highly sensitive to H2 gas

    Strong anti-interference to VOCs

    Built-in temperature compensation algorithm, external humidity compensation

    High sensitivity and fast response

    Very low power consumption (<66mW)

    Small size (17.8mm × 15.2mm × 6.5mm

    Highly flexible assembly mode and communication interface






    Sensing principle

    MEMS metal oxide semiconductor sensor


    Sensing range

    0-5000 ppm H2 relative concentration

    Preheating time


    Communication protocol

    I2C, UART


    Calibration method

    Intelligent automatic baseline calibration.

    The reference value can be reset




    A: UART_TX         B: +3.3V

    C: NA               D: SDA

    E: GND             F: SCL

    G: NA              H:UART-RX

    Pitch: 2.54mm

    P1: VDD      P2: SCL    P3:SDA

    P4:Rx        P5:Tx      P6:GND

    Pitch: 1.25mm


    Locating hole Φ 2.0 mm



    Power requirements





    3.3V±0.1V, max. 20mV ripple

    Power consumption

    Max. 66mW @3.3VDC (20mA)

    test interval

      1 Sec.



    UART serial communication



    baud rate

    9600 bits/s

    data bits


    Check Digit


    stop bit



    1. The host sends 0xFF 67 01 01 97 to automatically upload data once a second, Send 0xFF 67 00 00 99 Cancel

    2. The host sends 0xFF 61 02 01 9C to obtain a 13-byte packet

    3. The host sends 0xFF 52 01 01 AC to set the current measured value as the reference value



    I2C bus communication



    communication rate  

    Standard Mode:100kbits/s

    Module address

    0xA2 (7-bit address mode 0x51)

    module output

    Get a 13-byte packet with a read operation

    Baseline reset

    Set the current measurement value as the reference value by writing 0x520101AC (5 bytes)