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Battery Safety Monitoring Sensor Module / thermal runaway monitoring module


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    General Description
    Based on MEMS gas sensor, the battery safety sensor monitoring module is used to monitor the gas production and temperature data during the thermal run away process of the battery, and provides early warning signals.
    The data is available via I2C bus or UART series port.
    The MEMS gas sensor can be protected by covering a PTFE filter membrane. The sensor module can be assembled by SMT or removable terminal plug connection.
    The benefits and features of the module are listed below:
    Low-cost multi-factor output, provide reliable early warning for battery thermalrunaway
    High sensitivity and fast response to CO/H2 , can eliminate the interference of VOCs by adding a filter cover
    Built-in Temp. compensation and external Humidity compensation available
    Low power consumption
    Small size for convenient installation
    Automatic baseline correction
    The baseline settable, the storage state settable
    Robust design, excellent long-term stability
    Highly flexible assembly mode and communication interface
    Performance parameter